• Let’s start with some background. So you want to get in on the new “cool” hardware platforms out there from the Pi’s, Arduino’s, Pine64, letting

  • I am engineer with a love of solving problems using both the hardware and software sides where required. Been playing with computers & micro controllers

  • 20-Jul-2017

    Yet another static site generator written in NodeJs. Nasher is my 2nd attempt in making Static-Site-Generator. The idea behind Nasher is to build an extensible system which

  • 12-Jul-2015

    Yet another static site generator. this is inspired by jekyllrb. Mould is written in python. it’s still in beta. so there might be few errors.

  • I attend India’s Biggest Open-Source conference FOSS.IN from 2007, and in 2009, in the same conference, I started contributing to KDE/Kate project. I wrote Tabify plugin